In order to achieving immediate and lasting change in the lives and livelihoods of the unprivileged, disadvantaged and marginalized and weaker sections of the society, OSVSWA to empower and buildup capacity of the people and to undertake multi-sector development interventions using breakthrough innovations and technological initiatives based on the twin concept of 'Development through Participation' and 'Development through Sustainability. OSVSWA's main thrust of all development activities will be full and active participation of the people in its planning, implementation and management. Their capacity will be also built up and strengthened for their meaningful participation in the local self government system and promote and strengthen community governance system.

OSVSWA's focus will be creating development models and work for its wider dissemination and replication at all levels. OSVSWA also to properly and intensively share its experience and ideas with all stakeholders and establish functional as well as long lasting partnership, collaboration, association and networking with various concerned agencies, organizations, technological and scientific bodies for enriching and multiplying its activities. Further, OSVSWA to engage on lobbying and advocacy activities on burning issues affecting the life, livelihood of the people, and environment as a whole.


To meaningfully contribute as a federator and catalyst in the social change process towards a just, peaceful, empowered, functional, harmonious and sustainable human society. We are dedicatedly working to bring long lasting positive impacts on the livelihood and life of the underprivileged, women, children, youth and the isolated people in their all-round development. We work to bring an impactful change in the civil society through our technology driven research and innovation.