Volunteer program

OSVSWA's mission is to empower the marginalized communities through enhanced education,basic health and sanitation,sustainable income source and capacity building programs by involving local and international volunteers.We offer the most affordable volunteering and internship placements.

This new initiative of our's has been throughly researched by our dedicated staff and alliances with like-minded organisations.We look forward to have volunteering programs with focus on those most disadvantaged communities.We focus on education,health and sanitation,mproving economic wel-being and basic infrastructure.Working with our model we ensure an major impact on the wel-being of the marginalized society.So when you join OSVSWA,in its volunteering/internship program you will have a great chance to be part of long term positive change on the community.


1) When you volunteer with you collaborate with an organisation which has been in action since 1980

2) You can choose from a number of programs

3) You discover the rich culture,unmatched natural and scenic beauty of Orissa

4) You will have have 24/7 support at hand by our dedicated staff

5) You will get pre- requisite training before you work in the field

6) You will be associated with one of the oldest and reputed organisation in Orissa in action since 1980

7) You get an enviable experience of working for the lowest strata of society ,giving you knowledge of community based needs.

8) You get to meet and work with volunteers from all over the world.