Livelihoods Promotion

Livelihoods Promotion

OSVSWA in collaboration with many national and international organizations, government have been undertaking myriad projects for improvement of living standard and livelihoods conditions of poor and marginalized communities, rural unreached, neglected farm families, destitute, socially neglected aged, women for last three decades. OSVSWA’s livelihoods projects include:

Rural Infrastructure Creation
we have constructed need based, community prioritized and community shared Micro-irrigation projects (free board operated Diversion Weir), provided Common Facility Centers (with library, cycle repair shop, fair price shop, and agricultural tools and equipments center), renovation and construction of sanitary wells so that these could help increasing in standard of life among rural throng.

Capacity Building
skills with follow-up activities. Capacity building meant for making the community self-empowered Through formation of development committees at different level, focal groups for promoting community governed mechanism; countless training have been given on multifarious trades and, self governed and self-sustained and capable enough to access to the services & facilities available for them by government and or other service provider institutions to develop self and the communities.

Sustainable Agriculture
Agriculture is the back bone of the State. OSVSWA with support from the Department of Agriculture has been implementing various government supported programs like Bringing Green Revolution in Eastern India, promotion of SRI, promotion of line sowing / line transplanting, promotion of plant nutrient and plant protection technology, encourage using Location Specific Quality Seeds etc. OSVSWA has also developed a training manual on Organic Agriculture with support from Practical Action.

OSVSWA has experienced promoting Income Generating Activities (IGAs) through formation of groups, providing training and required follow-up materials like; sewing machines, leaf plate making cash support etc. Revolving funds were created for spreading opportunities and benefits to other fellow villagers.