Volunteering at OSVSWA

OSVSWAis a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation in Odisha, India. It’s principle objective is the empowerment of marginalized communities through mid to long-term project work. Our approach is consistent and sustainable and aims to use our resources efficiently. While our volunteers help to provide time and expertise, staff of OSVSWA work hard to ensure that our community programs run continuously. Our volunteers are provided with a well organised and facilitated experience, which is enriching for all concerned.

OSVSWA is not an agency and we place volunteers in our own programs and projects. The majority of our staff are local, who work in field offices in Odisha.

OSVSWA welcomes volunteers from a diverse background and skills. All volunteers are encouraged to share their ideas and knowledge on the project. Volunteers have the chance to engage in various projects: environment, rural reconstruction, technology, education, health and hygiene, toxicology and action for youth.

Short-term volunteering: Assignments take place between 2-4 weeks.
Long-term volunteering: Assignments lasts between 1 – 6 months.

Accommodation and meals:
Volunteers have the option to either fund their own accommodation and meals, or to pay a small contribution (AMOUNT TO BE FIXED BY Dillip!!!!) to OSVSWA for providing suitable accommodation and lunch at the office for the duration of the volunteering project.

Visa, flights: The volunteer is responsible for flights and visa costs. OSVSWA is happy to assist with information regarding the visa. If you are interested in volunteering at OSVSWA, please fill in the application form below and email to info@osvswa.org. We look forward to hearing from you!