OSVSWA Work Camps

The focus of an OSVSWA work camp is the working project. The group of volunteers works about 30 hours a week to improve a community’s living conditions and quality of life. Work Camps are the smaller projects; they can be social, cultural, environmental, educational or renovating projects depending on the community need. Thus, you initiate to new tasks while helping a local community and local organization.

Another important part of a work camp is the group life. Supervised by one or two camp leaders, the group is composed of a dozen young people from all over the world. Together, they live a rewarding experience, it is a learning process about cultural differences. During the work camp, the participants share, exchange, live in a community, learn a lot about the different cultures and develop their general skills.

OSVSWA as a development organization has been implementing many projects and programs in the various parts of the state and country on the issues of education, gender, environment, accessibility, health, agriculture, livelihood and renewable energy, ICT for Development, which are the vital for the marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

OSVSWA conducts various work camps, they are Long-term, Mid-term and Short-term volunteering projects. OSVSWA’s Work camps are designed to address the immediate need of the in the community. The activities are more focused on hands on activities such as constructing toilets in the community, building school compounds, libraries, classroom, painting and decorating school premises, classrooms etc.

Our successful work camp activities and immediate result received so far have encouraged us to conduct more work camps in future. The Long term or Midterm volunteers work for longer time whereas the work campers fulfill the immediate need of community utilizing their limited time and hence creating positive impact in the community. The work campers will stay with a host family / volunteer house / community building located in the community. They will be able to learn about the tradition, culture, language and lifestyle of the local communities.

Anyone who is interested to utilize their time and energy for the empowerment of poor, youth, children and disadvantaged communities in Odisha, India can apply for participation. Your involvement can make authentic difference.

Type of Work

Environment [ENVI]

Cleaning village ponds / water bodies, community clean up, planting trees, protecting animals, environment education to adults and children, and creating community garden and eco-village. <MORE>


Reviving uncultivated lands, cultivation of agriculture and horticulture, composting, promotion of organic agriculture, watering, constructing fish ponds in villages, fisheries, honey collection and packaging. <MORE>


Organizing Festivals / Drama / Theatres, Renovating Temples, Teaching Arts and Languages, Visiting and learning Ancient, Archeological and Historical Sites. <MORE>

Construction [CONS]

Building infrastructure such as schools, house painting, clinics, toilets, reconstructing shelters, community buildings, club house etc. <MORE>

Youth Empowerment [YOUE]

Help to develop the social and professional skills of community youth, helping to build their confidence to deal with problematic situations and ensuring that they become active in the community, promoting change and empowerment, Nature / Cultural Photography. <MORE>


HIV educational play in schools, teaching english, skill training to youth, vocational education for youth, computer skills, ICT endeavors, life saving education, environment education for the children, hygiene education for women etc. <MORE>

Cultural activities for kids

Drawing, coloring & painting, Art, Craft, Origami, Singing, Dancing, Drama, Music, Hiking, Teaching English and many more, team building. <MORE>

Health Care

Health care of old age people, Basic health education to children, Dentistry, Health care awareness, physical exercise, organizing health camps <MORE>


Coach a variety of sports including football, basketball, base ball, volley ball, badminton, field hockey, and track and field. <MORE>


Making proposals for development livelihoods, support in Administration, Managing Social Media, Fund Raising, Organizing Campaign for Peace and Development, Development of various tool kits, Carryout issue based campaigns. <MORE>

Above mentioned activities are changed time to time. Contact us with the topics you are interested join.

Note: Once your placement starts, if you wish to discontinue for any reason, the programs fee you pay are not refundable.

Independent donations are welcome and will be applied toward our various projects. If you are interested in providing a donation, please use our online DONATE NOW button or contact us directly at [email protected].

Thank you for reading and understanding!