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Daspalla, Dhenkanal, Astaranga

July –March





If you love sport and adventure, you’re in the right place. Sporting opportunities gives you the chance to travel the world and combine your love of sport at the same time. Travel with other like-minded people and you could see yourself on a volunteer sports coaching project in Odisha state of India. Teach sports education in ODISHA and provide elementary schoolchildren with the opportunity to discover new sports. Plan and deliver physical education lessons with enthusiasm to help youngsters develop basic skills and encourage them to find out how fun fitness can be.

You don’t need to be a qualified coach. You don’t need to be a pro-sports star. You just need bags of enthusiasm and to be passionate about sport. Help disadvantaged high schools students and youths achieve their full potential by planning and delivering practical and theoretical sports education lessons in Odisha, India. Working at high schools in Daspalla, you’ll give teenagers the opportunity to discover how varied and fun fitness can be, bringing their experiences in line with those of their peers in wealthier areas.

Our sports trips are perfect for gap years, student holidays, summer vacations, career breaks and volunteer holidays abroad and include football, soccer, cricket, hockey, volleyball, swimming, athletics, and more.

We know that sport is an integral part of a child’s learning and development. Volunteers with OSVSWA on sports and physical education project can help combat unhealthy lifestyles led by young children in local communities. Childhood obesity and malnutrition is an increasing problem. Cheaper diets of unhealthy and processed foods as well as a lack of structured sport and physical activities in school contribute to the growing problem.

By sharing your knowledge and learning new skills you will develop immensely as a player, returning home a more accomplished and experience sports person. Spend your gap year or career break training and playing with a sports club on the other side of the world and receive professional coaching from experts in their field. Discover a world of sport, and join the worldwide sporting community.

OSVSWA’s affordable Sports volunteer projects enable international volunteers to play a vital role in teaching youth within communities abroad the importance of maintaining active and healthy lifestyles, while building skills in teamwork and sportsmanship.

As volunteer, teaching sports abroad, you’ll discover that the children thrive on the opportunity to learn new sports and develop their skills. To be an effective volunteer sports coach, you’re encouraged to be inventive with your lesson plans, incorporating new games and sports, teaching new skills, and organizing tournaments for the children and youths. By joining this program you can help local staff in schools and youth clubs make sport a focus at their school, youth club which will contribute to students becoming more active and fit. You will reveal to students that sport and being active are priorities in living a balanced life, and are also much fun. This will provide them with constructive options in spending free time and countering stress caused by school work.

During your placement, you will work as a physical education volunteer in community schools and the youth clubs in tribal/villages. These schools often lack the funding necessary to hire a trained sports teacher and as result, teachers from other subjects without the required skills or sporting background, will also teach physical education. Village youths are also needed motivation and orientation training for a sportive and healthy environment through active sports. You will work with students and volunteers and ensure they are able to develop their skills in various sports.

You will work on the project and could be spending the mornings supporting physical education classes and the afternoons coaching a variety of sports including football, cricket, etc. At special care centers you might be leading or support sports activities for children with special needs. Each day you will be collected from the volunteer accommodation and transported to the project site. Weekends provide free time to relax and explore your new home.


  Identify where you are at regarding volunteer involvement and help you get where you want to be as a sports volunteer.
  Build your volunteer roles, schedule and report on your volunteer program outputs.
  Planning – we work alongside you to build a top quality sports volunteer program.
  Screening & Selection – recruit the right volunteers for the role.
  Create awareness among local students/youths/children about healthy way of life having sports as an activity.
  Communicate – meet expectations & match children’s motivations.
  Induction and training – get the most from the team.
  Spend time in local schools, youth clubs and identify local talents in school children and the youth mass.
  Manage students/youths/children with structured supervision.
  Schedule your volunteers’ shifts and report on your programmed.
  Create a rewarding, enjoyable volunteer experience.