Action for Youth

Youth have been recognized as a vital section of the community. Full employment for the youth is a cherished goal of the state government. In spite of significant action on this front, unemployment remains a challenge. Prolonged periods of unemployment and under employment cannot only cause economic miseries but can also be socially and mentally debilitating for a young person. It can also affect family ties. It is, therefore, necessary that, prudent and urgent measures are put in place to match the changing demands of the society and employment creation.

The fast changing global and national market often create a mismatch between existing skills and skills required to avail of the market opportunities. This needs corrective action to align skills of young people with the ever expanding and changing market. Business acumen and entrepreneurship among young people is critical to generate more opportunities for gainful employment.

The youth of the State face three major challenges with regard to employability. Firstly, in spite of the best efforts of the state, a portion of the youth remains unemployed. Secondly, there is prevalence of underemployment and thirdly, there is mismatch between market needs and available skills.

Joining OSVSWA Work Camp on the Youth Development is a great way to give back to the youth mass of the society while learning about the current situation, practice and the development.

This is exactly what the gap year travelers joining for helping young people back positive choices within their own lives that help to show they are a valuable part of the community in which they live.

Offering a range of workshops, storytelling and courses. Some of the topics include but are not exclusive to: mindfulness, relaxation and coping techniques, creative communication, ethical design, holistic life empowerment, exploring nature, permaculture, survival skills and learning safe massage techniques for self care.

Duration: 2 weeks
Number of volunteers: 12-15
Participation fee: 3250 EURO (excluding registration fees)

English will be the language in the camp; basic conversational skills are needed. Surviving local language will be taught during the camp.

Volunteers will be hosted in a local house / community house / volunteer house; sleeping on beds or mattresses in several rooms, shared by 2-4 volunteers each. Volunteers will share the duties of preparing food, cooking meals and cleaning. Please keep in mind that during this work camp, food will be provided by OSVSWA, which also means eating mainly local food, but will be taken care of less spicy.

Free time activities will be organized for OSVSWA volunteers; as day trips and excursions in the area, picnic in forest / tourist places, meeting with government officials to share the experience.

What To Bring
You will need:
• Refillable water bottle
• Funds sufficient to cover recreation, incidentals, souvenirs (a per requirement).
• An open-mind
• A sense of adventure
• A heart of service

What OSVSWA will Provide :
• 24-hour accompaniment by professional, support staff
• Airport pickup/drop off
• All ground transportation
• All lodging
• Two meals per day
• Hand gloves
• Drinking water
• Instruction by licensed medical professionals
• Medications and supplies
• Quality experiential learning
• A meaningful glimpse into another culture
• An unforgettable moments