Mercury dental amalgam causes detrimental harm to our environment. Mercury vapor escapes into the environment during preparation of amalgam when being placed into the tooth cavity. Pollution is from solid and liquid waste of amalgam. This mercury pollutes air. Unused amalgam from dental clinics is disposed into nearby land or water bodies and mercury from amalgam causes water and air pollution. Some portion of mercury is emitted into the air, Mercury in the air eventually settles into water or on the land where it can be washed into water. Once deposited, certain microorganisms can change it into methyl mercury and then the bacteria are eaten by molluscs, crustaceans etc.

  Released by-products of amalgam have a broad effect into the waterways because a portion of mercury will be converted into the highly toxic methyl mercury by anaerobic organisms present in rivers, lakes and waterways;
  Mercury pollution is particularly damaging for long-living fish species as they have a high exposure to methyl mercury over time.
  Dental amalgam waste has been identified as the major source of mercury soil pollution because it reduces microbial activity in the soil, reducing soil fertility and productivity.

Therefore, it can be said that mercury emitted from dental amalgam has a detrimental effect on human beings, aquatic and terrestrial animals, micro-organisms, plants and the entire environment.

Looking at this serious health and environment hazards, OSVSWA in partnership with Consumers for Dental Choice and World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry, USA and in collaboration with Asian Center for Environmental Health is currently implementing the project ‘Mercury Free Dentistry – Odisha, A model State in India to practice Mercury Free Dentistry’. The project has started since 2015 with a launching meeting attended by the Vice President of World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry.

Theme of the Project:

  Regulation on Ban of Mercury in Dental Amalgam in India
  Initiative to change Dental Education Curriculum
  Making Odisha - 1st State in India on Mercury Free Dentistry
  Initiate a National Movement for Mass Awareness on Mercury Free Dentistry

Later on, we have included our neighboring states like Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, Assam, West Bengal, Telengana, and Andhra Pradesh to continue the awareness campaigns through the state based dental associations, individual dentists and dental colleges.

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