Agriculture & Livelihood

OSVSWA with support from Otto Per Mille (Unione delle Chiese metodiste e valdesi), Italy currently implementing the project ‘Cooperative of Tribal Women for Economic Enhancement (COTEE)) in a cluster of villages of Daspalla Block.

General objective of the project:

• Poverty level reduced and sustainable economic stability ensured through creating employment opportunities for women in the proposed remote tribal area.
• Gender equality increased and children vulnerability and life conditions improved. New enterprises and income generating process promoted.

Specific Objectives:

• Strengthening livelihood options through establishing enterprises and creating employment opportunities
• Reducing vulnerability and improving life quality among families, women and children through promoting nutritional gardens
• Establishing sustainable entrepreneurial system to promote livelihood opportunities

Direct and indirect Beneficiaries:

Direct beneficiaries of the project are the women of the villages that will increase their empowerment and contribute to families’ income generating process. Poverty level among 50 tribal families will be reduced through creating gainful employment opportunities. 75 families will benefit from the nutritional point of view. Children general life conditions will improve and school drop-off reduced. The local community (along with nearby villages) will be indirect beneficiary as a new entrepreneurial mechanism will be established in their locality which will help them to sale their produces with better value.