Climate Change and Environment

Climate change is a reality that all must face together, and OSVSWA is thinking on its consequences happening today and shall be happened tomorrow. As a development organization, we with involving, educating and promoting new generation of volunteers and setting up a base to respond to the humanitarian consequences of climate change. OSVSWA has initiated and hosting the secretariat of ‘South Asian Youth Climate Coalition’ SAYCC, a membership network in South Asia. SAYCC has been founded with the vision to protect the globe for its future generation.

We also have been conducting many study, research and field activities on climate change and environment management. We are currently doing a study on Climate Change & Migration in Coastal Orissa ‘Who would not choose to stay home? click here to download ’ in the coastal villages of Puri District. The study will be shared among the UN agencies, INGOs, CSOs and other stakeholders for their favorable action. The outcome of the study will help us in initiating a network to support the migrants due to the climate change.

Alongwith this study, we are also conducting various community level awareness campaigns for the environment management and climate change.