Even though many talks on globalization, westernization etc still a huge nos. of villages in Odisha are far from electricity. They have neither seen the electricity nor do they have resources to produce electricity. Chadeyapalli Gram Panchayat in Odisha is one of the unlucky Gram Panchayat which is far from being electrified, where OSVSWA in collaboration with Practical Action (the then ITDG) introduced renewable energy mechanism / technology into this remote pocket of tribal villages and installed solar lights as model projects to demonstrate the same in Daspalla Block. The local throngs do use the light to read books, watch TV at the common Facility Centers provided.

Through the government programme and provision, OREDA has installed solar lights for the tribal households in 11 villages who are unreached in Daspalla Block, where OSVSWA took major role of social mobilization and follow-up training to the light users for better usage of the lights. Other adjacent villages are also being mobilized for approaching the department for installing the same in their households.

OSVSWA is currently implementing Green School project in Takera School (a tribal residential school) with support and collaboration from Practical Action (an UK based charity). Project aim is to use food waste (garbage) to generate biogas for cooking, which leads to reduce firewood consumption, smoke free kitchen as a healthier environment and decrease financial burden from cooking fuel by the school administration. Along with the bio-gas unit, solar powered water supply, kitchen gardening (using the slurry from the bio-gas unit), solar lights to classrooms and hostel rooms, training and orientation on bio-gas, solar energy and climate change to the residents, appointing Green Minister (one green minister has been chosen from the school student) etc for creating a green movement among the children.