Teaching (Empower through Education)

Code Name of Project Location

Period Type Vols No. Age
OSVSWA-VOL-ED-01 School Development & Education Project Daspalla, Dhenkanal, Angul July –March ENV, EDU, KIDS 8 – 16 18+

Background/Project: Daspalla, a tribal dominated Block headquarter town located about 130 kms of distance from the state capital city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. OSVSWA is extensively working in Daspalla Block for last more than 20 years with many developmental initiatives / programs and projects. The bus drive from Bhubaneswar takes around 3.5 to hrs.

Because of the geographical situation, it has limited developmental activities and facilities in the field of education. Due to Lack of education facilities in remote villages, young people move to the capital city or any other states. There are schools but they don’t impart quality education. Not many people complete high school even due to poverty, not having good schools, resources and geographical remoteness.

Work camps will be organized with the cooperation of local schools, anganwadi schools, youth clubs, and community stakeholders to create child friendly teaching and learning environment. Most of the schools lack basic infrastructure like school building, education material, playground and drinking water. Volunteers can make a big difference in the daily lives of these children by providing necessities listed above and educating children through fun and creative ways.

The work camp will also involve teaching children from poor and marginalized community in the formal and non-formal schools about Basic English and Mathematics, Health and Hygiene, and Environmental protection through creative learning methods like art, music, games etc. There will also be house visits and meetings with local people as part of inter-cultural learning and to give awareness on health and hygiene. In addition, volunteers also will get a chance to take part in activities like painting, tree plantation etc. As part of the cultural exchange, volunteers will witness and participate in the available cultural programs with local community.


  To create child friendly learning environment to the children by developing resources and educational activities;
  To provide children from the disadvantaged communities a unique opportunity of overall development (social, emotional,                   physical, mental, creativity) & provide fun-time for children aged 6-12.
  To promote the friendship, understanding and solidarity among local youths and international volunteers.
  To make classroom child friendly by painting and coloring the classrooms. Teach different skills to the children.

Work details :

1) Explore the tribal culture by teaching in remote village :
Experience the unique opportunity to gain insight into tribal culture and practice. The desire to teach and learn and you will give you deep satisfaction. Volunteering as an English teacher in the tribal villages is quite unforgettable.

2) Teaching English in community and public schools:
The community schools in the community schools is very basic and are in urgent need of up-gradation, so it will be highly satisfying for volunteers to come and teach these students. It will help the student gain new perspectives from different places.

3) Empower local teachers of the community schools through teacher development:
If you are highly experienced or trained then come and train these teachers. This is an opportunity for you to share your valuable knowledge to these teachers. This will generate a platform that will ultimately benefit to the students. The training that you will impart to these teachers will help the very foundation of the students. You can have assessments, conduct workshops and provide training and seminars to have a greater impact. You will bring along huge amount of knowledge from your home countries and different techniques of teaching which will support our ideals.

4) Teach basic computer skills:
Teaching computer basics is an essential part of primary education. Computer learning will bring about a big change in the lives of the marginalized and to some extent bring down the digital divide. Learning computer skills can connect the small villages to the vast world. Most of the government schools are equipped with computers and accessories.

OSVSWA also have an ICT center at Daspalla (local town) where a basic computer education is being provided to the local people (age group from 12 to 60). For the long-term success and empowerment of a community, basic computer knowledge is crucial these days. So come and teach and help the people grow.

5) Teaching on Volunteering
The local youth are not motivated to do volunteering. They need mobilization and orientation on volunteering.