Accessibility & Rural Transport

With exploring bare necessitation of rural reconstruction and to provide rural unreached tribal communities with all weather road network and rural transportation facilities, where it was a reverie for the local community OSVSWA / ORFRTD (Odisha Regional Forum for Rural Transport and Development) in collaboration with International like-minded Organization and in cooperation with two local NGOs have taken initiative to materialize the requirement. Through a proper need-assessment study “A way out of isolation and poverty – Accessibility needs assessment survey of tribal communities in a cluster of tribal villages in Odisha”, undertaken steps to provide better access to other important places from which was required to reach at.

Under the process, we have constructed 7 kms of all-weather earthen road using labour-based technology within a pocket of tribal villages in Daspalla Block of Odisha state. A group of technical experts of different sectors were engaged in designing, planning and execution of such technology first time in Odisha state, which got wide-range of appreciation. The technology afterward was adopted by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development of Government of Odisha for replicating widely.

Along the side, for providing better and affordable transportation system, through formation and capacity building of committees on management, accounts at different level, Community Managed Bus service was introduced, where a 41 seater TATA Bus handed over to the community. Responsibility of managing the community bus was given to the Area Development Committee after capacity is built through a number of trainings to the committee. The bus is still running from 2005 and helping people transport self and their produces to the nearby town with no hindrance.

Non-motorized, locally affordable, acceptable, usable, locally repairable Intermediate Means of Transport (IMTs) like: Tri-cycle trolley with career on, Pushing trolley and Bi-cycle trailer were designed by the expert team with lot study on the matter and introduced the same into the community for easing transportation of lot produces from their farm land to homestead, from home to local market or else to the business point. This has radically reduced the height of kilo kilometers of the local people to sale their produces and earn some.

Adopting revolving fund fundamentals and installment in payback of loans, a number of Bi-cycles were availed to the people who were failing paying total amount strait away to acquire a bi-cycle which is a bare need for the local inhabitants.